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"Legacy of Timbuktu" Exhibit Heading to Texas

Jenne Mosque in MaliTimbuktu Manuscripts 

Millions of ancient manuscripts from Timbuktu and the Great Empires of West Africa radically changed the image and legacy of Africans and African Americans in world history. Dismissed for centuries as simple and illiterate by the West, a flood of recently resurfaced documents in Africa clearly prove the existence of highly literate and complex societies that valued education more than their vast reserves of gold.

The Legacy of Timbuktu exhibit will walk visitors through the highly literate culture that flourished in the City of Timbuktu beginning in the 14th century, clearly refuting stereotypical depictions of a strictly oral history tradition. The most significant benefit of the exhibit is the documented knowledge that African Americans will learn, particularly the youth, of the literacy of their ancestors and the positive contributions that Africans made to the world community.

The feature attraction of the exhibit will be a display of rare African manuscripts that prove the dominance of literacy and learning characterizing Timbuktu for over 700 years. There is an estimated one million manuscripts that have been re-discovered in the West African country of Mali in recent years. There will also be interactive, instructional spaces designed especially for children. The exhibit will be supplemented with educational and outreach programs that deliver this critically important message outside of the museum walls.

Complementing the central manuscript exhibit will be displays comprised of in situ reproductions designed with the assistance of Malian scholars, historians, and artisans with genuine and reproduced artifacts loaned and gathered in Mali for this exhibit as well as for the permanent collection of the IMMC. The exhibit design will feature such contextual environments as the façade of the legendary Sankoré Mosque and University in Timbuktu, frequented by the world's leading scholars during the Middle Ages.

Fort Worth Museum is First Traveling Venue

Fort Worth Museum of Science & HistoryThe Fort Worth Museum of Science & History recently contracted with the International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC) to be the first traveling venue to host "The Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word" in the world-renowned Cultural and Arts District in Fort Worth, Texas.

This historically and culturally significant exhibition will draw from the many diverse communities in North Texas and the surrounding states. It is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and grants including the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Kellogg Foundation, and the Nissan Foundation to name only a few.

After its stay in Fort Worth, Texas, the "Legacy of Timbuktu" will travel to major museum venues around the United States over the next ten years.

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The "Legacy of Timbuktu" premiere will consist of the exhibition, as well as cultural events, and educational programs. See how you can become a part of this effort to change a mis-guided history with facts, set to inspire and motivate all our youth with the long-hidden legacy of Timbuktu.

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